Pimp Down

Pimp Down

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Quana_Dior By Quana_Dior Updated Mar 08

16-year-old Summer learned at a young age that life was rough and unfair. Witnessing her mother sell her body for a living. Losing herself in fear and chaos. Will she come out on top as a new woman or sink in the depth of sex and drugs?

A snippet:

Life had picked me up and spit me out. Why was I born if I was only gonna be mistreated and hurt? Laying in this dark alley all I could do was wait for death to come and take away all my burdens. My body no longer hurt anymore. I was just another body laying out without a soul. The wetness on my face indicated that I was crying. I was out of my body staring from up above& nbsp; wondering where I went wrong. All I wanted was love and happiness but this cruel world snatched it away from me. Who could love a worthless hoe like me?

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Dang that’s why I don’t eat ramen noodles bruh they stay getting ppl in trouble smh🤣
Yunq_Guap_Goddess Yunq_Guap_Goddess Apr 29, 2016
I'm thinking she is like a little girl the way her mom told her to stay in the closet and how she was thinking about peanut butter crackers. I did not know she was 16 poor girl😦😓
Lilcrazzy26 Lilcrazzy26 Nov 06, 2016
I'm not chocolate I'm human. You can go to the dollar store and get a ball of chocolate for .99 cents and handeling
BabyNo5 BabyNo5 Jan 06, 2017
I am really enjoying your story. Didn't see that coming with Eric, but I wasn't team Eric. I'm eat Kai
IAmRoyaltyyy IAmRoyaltyyy Feb 16, 2017
You 16 hiding In the closet ?! I thought you was a kid . You better get you some friends , you too old for that .
Lilcrazzy26 Lilcrazzy26 Nov 06, 2016
Nahh I'm good. You can take your blunts and pinky sized dick elsewhere