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GOT7 Fanfic: The Lucky Princess

GOT7 Fanfic: The Lucky Princess

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LittleMissPotato By Mhaikee-chan Updated Jun 06

Life as an idol or life as a Princess? Love or Royal Duties and Responsibilities? Ordinary life or Palace life? 
  Friendship, jealousy, betrayal, lies, fame, troubles, and love will turn Ji Hyun's world upside down.
   What will happen if different boys fell for one girl? Then much worse, she realized that her heart palpitates not only for one guy, how will she face this kind of situation? Aside from that, what will happen if she discover the hidden secrets that her so-called family worked really hard to conceal from her? And, her childhood friend whom to be revealed a member of her favorite boyband actually knew one of these secrets all along but only kept his mouth shut? 
  Park Ji Hyun, a simple girl who got separated from her childhood sweetheart, after confessing their love for one another. She suffered from great depression and sadness that caused her to encounter a horrible experience. She moved forward towards a new life and along the way, she met new friends and had a new family, which is JYP. 
  Everything was normal until one day, she found herself as GOT7's Roomate. While living with these seven boys, she met new friends and not just GOT7 but also made friends with other kpop idols such as Bangtan Boys and other known groups. Ji Hyun didn't knew that being GOT7's Roomate would turn her world upside down. She encounters mixed feelings and didn't knew that the things that were suppose to happen becomes reality once again. 
  |Also includes: BTS, TWICE, iKON, EXO, BigBang, Boyfriend, BTOB, SEVENTEEN, Winner, Girl's Day, Lovelyz, CN Blue, Red velvet,  BLACKPINK, and many more......|
  *Since I'm not a great writer, expect some tons of wrong grammars, misspelled words, use of words, etc. I'm going to edit those mistakes soon though. So please bear with me fellow readers :)

lol im so hopless when you wrote Konnichiwa I thought it said Chogiwa
I didn't know their faces looks like but I really like reverse Harem Story so I'll give it a shot
*currently jamming out to lucky one by exo*
                              BTS, TWICE, iKON, EX-*stops reading*
                              JAJWJKWWJWEOD ME BEBES
Kurere Kurere May 09, 2016
i like the intro!! i can see that youre a good writer and i think this story is gonna be really great just by reading the intro it made me really want to know what i need to know in the story im being pulled to the story
jeonbliss jeonbliss Apr 18, 2016
This is very nicely made and you can understand everything. ★♥