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The White Guard

The White Guard

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Genesis By jerkfacejenny Updated Jul 22, 2016

Alex is a, special case. Her mother murdered, her family massacred. With no one left she was a ward of the state before she was even born, but that's a story for another day. She excelled more then anyone else in her foster home. She skipped 4 grade levels and was the youngest person in america to graduate from university. But that was all after the agency recruited her at the age of 6. Nowadays Alex lives a very dangerous life, but its about to get worse. Shes important to the supernatural world

Now Axel, he's mister tall dark and handsome. He's mister dangerous, or as they call him, Alpha Sterling. He's got the strongest pack in the world, he's bigger than the bachelor. But what happens when he move to Oregon?

TaintedandMarked TaintedandMarked Jan 28, 2016
ha same it's especially hard in school, I do it in instinct like If I get in trouble or get hurt or frustrated sometimes I don't realize I've cursed
MyNamesNotYurio MyNamesNotYurio Mar 30, 2016
The last time this book was updated was on my b-day (Dec 21).... That was the first thing I noticed and I had to say it
MyNamesNotYurio MyNamesNotYurio Mar 30, 2016
I'm trying your Snapchat and I promise not to be TOO weird.... Maybe (nothing dirty, I'm just weird)
GraycieBee GraycieBee Dec 12, 2015
A good way to show someone is using a foreign language without translating it is saying something like. ' "Hello." She spoke in Russian' then, your readers can see what language it us and understand it :)
RebelliousWinter RebelliousWinter Nov 07, 2015
I just realized, if you rearranged Axel's name, it would spell Alex... and if you rearranged Alex's name... It would spell Axel xDD
ttyl-gtg-brb ttyl-gtg-brb Oct 19, 2015
Hey your you if I do see anyone complaining ill sort them out I hate people judging others and especially when they complain like its nit their book so just shut up