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I'm A Father

I'm A Father

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IWriteAnything23 By IWriteAnything23 Completed

Mandy Ours got pregnant by Jack Gilinsky when she was 16.  Jack doesn't know about his little son, Tanner.  She didn't want Jack to know because he was young and wild.  She knew he wouldn't want anything to do with his son.  She had to move and go to a new school.  After graduation high school, Mandy takes Tanner to college with her.  They live in an apartment.  Mandy and Tanner goes to Walmart one day.  While Mandy grabs a milk out of the freezer, Tanner runs away.  Mandy panics and looks for Tanner.  As she runs down isle 2 she spots Tanner talking to someone.  "Tanner I told you not to run off!"  She says.  The guy then turns around.
  It was Jack.

AshantiMontanez AshantiMontanez Oct 25, 2016
my mom would be disappointed but shef understand and help me . she was pregnant when she was 16. even if she wasnt she'd still understand .
dizurp dizurp Jun 23, 2016
if i told my mom i was pregnant well she'd be like 'haha nice try you're gay' and then yeah (:
kodallxs kodallxs Nov 28, 2015
I've never got this : you keep the kid a secret not wanting anything to do with the dad but name your kid after the dad?
-addictedtobieber -addictedtobieber Oct 30, 2015
Idk how my mom would react but my mom got pregnant with me at 17 so maybe she wont be mad
ShawnJGCarpenter ShawnJGCarpenter Oct 24, 2015
My mom would of been disappointed but would of understand because she got pregnant with me when she was 16.  I am surely not making the same mistake as her but I still love her
kodieshane kodieshane Aug 29, 2015
my would have been cool with it bc she got prego when she was 18