The Lion in the Wolf Den

The Lion in the Wolf Den

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Isabel By ElleSmurfitt Completed

Were's, Shifters... They came in many names ane even more forms. Wolves were just the cheery on top. What happens when you throw a Lion in a den of wolves? Nothing good.

With nothing but wilderness and new shifters on the way, newly-forced rogue, Jun, takes on many new adventures. Leaving his little brother, Thomas was the still the most difficult thing he'd have to do. That is until he is to meet him again in the future. 

○●○ As it goes on, there will be pairings between male and female as well as male and male. Romance  (without any mature mature scenes in this) Is romance, regardless of gender, but yep. Nothing explicit. So be warned at least:)○●○

  • jun
  • lion
  • rejection
  • seth
  • shifter
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  • tom-tom