The Wife Trials [On Hold]

The Wife Trials [On Hold]

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Dream_big96 By Dream_big96 Updated Feb 24

Marcus Flint is a rich, powerful and rather good looking man who likes things done in a particular way and his coffee strong but when his fortune is threatened he turns to the only person who knows him better than anyone - his maid. With clear cut and rational Page acting as his fiancé the two only have a short time to find Marcus a wife or he will lose his fortune and Page will lose her home and job.

Let the Wife Trials begin.

*Slow updates for the time being but will become regular towards 2016

This chapter was very good it made me laugh and smile. I hope you plan to finish this book. I would love to read it all
Isn't he the troll blooded Slytherin Quidditch captain from when Wood was Gryffindor's captain? I think he was a chaser...