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Personal Maid//Camren

Personal Maid//Camren

192K Reads 7.1K Votes 24 Part Story
andi By papilaurenn Completed

Is she going to work or get distracted by Ms. Arrogant?

Photo cover @hiddenite1

camren-jaurbello camren-jaurbello Nov 14, 2016
Don't call Lauren a sucker! Well I guess you can she gonna suck you so... Sorry no chill
trashynorminah trashynorminah Oct 07, 2016
Dont be so weak just read the damn story not everything in this story is about a g!p 🙄
lotus46 lotus46 7 days ago
I don´t know why people are making such a big deal for being a g!p 
                              Get over it!!!!!
eatsoulsforbreakfast eatsoulsforbreakfast Jul 05, 2016
FML as in Fuckk Michelle Lauren. I know, Mila, I know. #goals
Smooffer23 Smooffer23 Dec 14, 2016
Why does is say "Mature Content" when there is no drugs/cursing/smut involved in this story?! 😲
FuqDaRealWorld FuqDaRealWorld Oct 16, 2016
Hello again Sabrina. Who are you so mysterious 🙃? Another identity of Ally Allysus Allysin and Allycat?