『DISCONTINUED』『Ayato x Reader』Humans Are Monsters Too『Tokyo Ghoul』

『DISCONTINUED』『Ayato x Reader』Humans Are Monsters Too『Tokyo Ghoul』

27.8K Reads 1.5K Votes 9 Part Story
『 Bubs 』 By Bry_anime Completed

This book has been discontinued and will no longer be updated.


Ghouls and a fear of the unknown aren't the only two things that you should watch out for in life.
  Humans can be just as dangerous.
  Or even deadlier.

LeCrimson LeCrimson Dec 08, 2016
try blinking in Canada during the month of January to Feb lol xD
KnightsOfValour572 KnightsOfValour572 Aug 28, 2016
HA! You think American winters are cold Ayato? Come to Canada! Where winter can hit up ( or should I say down) to -45 degrees Celsius!
yikeswrites yikeswrites Dec 25, 2016
Florida is where the weather changes from hot to cold to raining to cold to hurricane to hot and so on
cecetrancy cecetrancy Oct 12, 2015
Canada has the best winters.. If u like walking to school thigh deep in snow every morning!
ririchiyo14 ririchiyo14 Sep 14, 2015
I can relate I absolutely hate the cold. Even 70 is too cold for me.
Aoyama-San Aoyama-San Sep 07, 2015
Uh.... Hello
                              I'm in the Philippines
                              Ayato if you ever need a place where it's not freezing
                              But burning hot out
                              (To you that is)
                              And would risk getting stared at for almost getting a heat stroke
                              Then welcome to the Philippines