I Am The Omega's Mate (On Hold)

I Am The Omega's Mate (On Hold)

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A Person By innfamous9342 Updated Sep 18, 2016

"No way..." I muttered, staring at him with my mouth a jar. "H-how... Can this really...?" I stammered. 

"Sorry to disappoint you princess." He sneered, anger and pain swirling in the depths of his dark grey eyes. His shoulders slumped, as he brought himself to his knees. His bare chest stood out prominently, the muscles making my mouth water. His thick arms flexed as he pressed them into the ground to keep himself stable. He sat in front of me, only five feet away, and I was just noticing how attractive he was. His scent was over whelming, the scent to me was like blood to a vampire. I now needed it to survive. 

"No, that's not..." I started and he only glared at me. "What's your name?" I asked instead, and his eyes softened. 

"Levi, Levi Jones." He told me in a soft voice. I nodded, and slowly approached him, since the tension was slightly calmed. 

"Why are you here?" I asked, before the door was slammed open, making me jump out of my skin. 

"Willow, get away from the rouge." My father yelled suddenly, and his beta and gamma grabbing my arms and lifting me up. "He is our new Omega."

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Mrs_Chat_Noir Mrs_Chat_Noir Jun 11, 2017
Dang it. I know I should be shipping her with her future mate but I cant resist! I have to ship her and Damian!!
lightreading18 lightreading18 May 17, 2016
That part of the sentence where it says"you know you love me" some how made me think of gossip girl
TheOnlyTrueQueen TheOnlyTrueQueen Feb 26, 2017
So we gonna ignore the fact the she could have a mate Hater Mode unlocked 🌋
ShookyIsShook ShookyIsShook Apr 17, 2016
My Bestfriend got a boyfriend. A few weeks later, she forgot about me.
JaMaeHeart JaMaeHeart Mar 27, 2016
All I  have to say is that i just started reading this and I'm hooked.
Eliza0816 Eliza0816 Mar 20, 2016
I fell to the floor laughing just picturing that happening.😂😂😂😂😂😂