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High school (dbz fanfic)

High school (dbz fanfic)

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Goku! (◕‿◕✿) By HannahNealey Completed

This story is about dbz characters in high school! This story is better than you think...

Good point
                              But I still cant believe that Vegetas girlfriend has MY name!  Keiko is a beautful name, not fit for a snobby girl like her!  Fierce, yes, NOT snobby.  Even I'm not that much of a jerk, and I can get a teensy bit sassy...
I hope my interpretation of a high school au will be this good too lol
Could you just, umm, change the name of Vegetas girlfriend to something else?  Like Britney or Alexis or Rafaela?
Right up their on the list of ugliest names along with "Keith"
18 real name actually is Lapis. But Penelope is actually cute!👍
It alot older then rick and morty thats been around for years