[discontinuing] Its Been So Long (Natsu x Reader)

[discontinuing] Its Been So Long (Natsu x Reader)

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kailusive By kailusive Updated Jul 23, 2016

As I kept walking towards the sound, I fell into a hole. Well, it wasn't quite a hole. I help myself up and gasp at the look of what I fell in.

It was a giant footprint of a reptile.

"(Y/N)!" I hear Natsu shouting my name from a distance. I was in awe by my sight. I look ahead and see a trail of footprints. Without thinking, I follow them. Hoping it would lead me to Sairys. I kept following the footsteps.

That's when I couldn't hear Natsu's voice again.

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TheToxicGalaxy TheToxicGalaxy May 22, 2017
I'm reading this right before my choir concert
                              good idea, right?
OtakuWolf898 OtakuWolf898 Oct 14, 2016
Oh wow, so ironic, I use to have a dream catcher necklace that belonged to my mother. I use to wear it all the time until I lost it about two weeks ago. I was so upset when I realized that I don't have it with me😣. But sooner or later I will get a new one.
NutMeg20 NutMeg20 Jul 02, 2016
Shït, there goes my friend, Four. The only thing separating the wonderful fiction from our f••ked up reality.
Fashion_Block Fashion_Block Dec 19, 2016
Lucy wasn't in the guild at the time but for story purposes, I'll let it slide.
Why do they always end up being these unique sounding dragon slayers, or you know, what about normal ones or just another member of the guild? Great grammar though cx
mandouyi mandouyi Apr 16, 2015
Perfect! Finally a good grammar book. So happy, lol. The plots coming along nicely. Good job C: