Did You Just Break Up With Me During Sex?

Did You Just Break Up With Me During Sex?

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Fallen_Snowflake1 By Fallen_Snowflake1 Updated Apr 07, 2015

Elsa and Jack were ''boyfriend and girlfriend''. But really, they only wanted the sex from each other. And they always got it. And they only started at the beginning of their Junior Year  in High School. They would do it, and never speak of it at school, but everyone knew that they were ''dating''. No problems.
Until one night when Jack broke up with Elsa, during their sex.

Elsa avoided Jack for years through High School, up to Senior Year. They both changed. Elsa changed her style and became shy and frail. Jack Frost changed his style and stayed as the pervert he was. Elsa and Jack are forced to talk and interact with each other during Senior Year because, now, they have all classes together and they sit next to each other in most of them. Elsa doesn't talk much but Jack always annoys her.

Then, one day, they were assigned a project with each other. Jack came over to Elsa's house unexpectedly when she was there alone.
And the sex cycle continues, only something is different.

Spark187 Spark187 Apr 16
It looks like Jack wants her back. Bad boys always want what they can't have.
pedolecki pedolecki Jun 08
Yeah but I think they'll look even more pretty shoved up your a.ss
myheartxonpages myheartxonpages Apr 02, 2016
Why the crap am I reading this? 😂😂😂😂 I ship Jelsa but... Did ya have to make jack look like an idiot? Lol XD awkward...
Potato_doll Potato_doll Jan 15
oh my god.... people under this comment are swearing for Jack to go to hell. Please be warned 😂🔫
Why is all the stalkers are named Marvin oh what a coincidence
Literally some people say they twins people they are destined 2 B 2gether