Attack from under the Sea

Attack from under the Sea

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BronteBook By BronteBook Updated May 09

The sky was an ugly gray. The thick, dark clouds crowded the sky were an even uglier gray. The wind blew with annoying, erratical strengths, sending sand spraying everywhere. Strong, powerful waves crashed against the brown material of the large ship, rocking it back and forth harshly. 

It was then, from within the locks of his black hair, his cold steel blue eyes landed on a mop of dirty brown hair. 

 It must have been his imagination playing tricks on him--it had to be. Being on the sea for so long, he must have been starting to go insane.

But was this insanity causing him to see two narrowed, green eyes staring straight back at him?

But the sound of Hanji's loud 'yahoo!'  and screams of, 'I can sense them approaching!', spoke otherwise.

Then again, she was insane too.

Inky_Pasta Inky_Pasta Sep 23
*snorts* Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!! Poopdeck😂😂😂😂
I'm so confused authors never metion if it's gonna be Ereri or Riren ;-;
AlexxTheGay AlexxTheGay Nov 25
*kisses three fingers to my lips and raises them in the air while sobbing slightly*
When I read this part of the book I looked up the song on YouTube and played it while I read the lyrics in the book
hey hey guys levi and eren are on the ship XD there ship is sailing
Inky_Pasta Inky_Pasta Sep 23
Daw poor horseface...... 
                              *runs in a cirlcle*
                              MARCO POLO MARCO POLO