The Crazy Bad Boy Has Me Smitten (BoyxBoy) (Age Play)

The Crazy Bad Boy Has Me Smitten (BoyxBoy) (Age Play)

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Crayon By Pink_Crayon Updated Sep 14

❝I'm not gay, I'm straight❞ 

It was something Ryder was made to drill into his mind because there was no way he could be gay-he wasn't allowed.

So, living in years of denial over his own sexuality, Ryder Zayn Benjamin has finally come to a crossroad and each path will guide him in a different direction, but seemingly each direction he chooses leads him right back to Wind James Stryker whom just so happens to be Cloud Stryker's little brother.

[BoyxBoy] [Gay Love] [Mature] [Age Play]

I legit would just stand there for a moment and then slowly poke his butt cheek before whispering really quietly .... "I touch the butt.."
The boys, the girls, they all like Carmen
                              She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes
                              She laughs like God, her mind's like a diamond
i-am-me-LOL i-am-me-LOL Nov 20
"I'm sorry I don't know what you missed I wasn't watching I was too busy thinking about hot sex with a hot guy even tho I'm ""straight""  but I enjoyed it so much" 
                              That's what I would say in his situation
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@sarcasticlover_ sorry I thought it was another person who hot me mad earlier
leslier08 leslier08 Aug 18
@lopsided_smile wow you see me in "every" comment yet it's only chapter one 😂😂 you need to stfu
"Stronger than one. Stronger than ten. Stronger than a hundred men. Huh!"