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70 Deadly Wattpad Sins (The Book Of Evil Advice!)

70 Deadly Wattpad Sins (The Book Of Evil Advice!)

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Tyro31 By Tyro31 Updated Mar 27

We all know exactly what we should be doing, in order to make it big on Wattpad... but what about the stuff we're not supposed to do? 

This book will cover 70 of Wattpad's darkest sins, the mistakes that can send a user's story down to Wattpad Hell faster than a click of the 'unfollow' button.

If you have observed any atrocities or just want to vent, leave a comment below and let the hate flow through you!

It depends. They are either:
                              1. Dicks
                              2. Negative people
                              3. Trolls or 
                              4. Hissy twelve year olds
Bunnehgurl Bunnehgurl Feb 14
This is actually really good and i hope that you know that. Especially me, I'm a noob. I've just barely joined wattpad and I text alot. It messes me up so much too. Thanks again for all of the great advice. And also thank you for taking your time making this book. It wi) be a great help!
- - Dec 20, 2016
Wait ... but what if the answer is simply that they're all arseholes?
marlee35 marlee35 Sep 29, 2016
today I almost faught my besfriend at school. I spit on her like she was trash. now she was able to feel what i did when I was around her for all those years
- - Dec 23, 2016
@trippy_zomboid Read this book, it's incredibly funny. 
                              Warning: Do not read while eating. Choking hazard.
- - Jan 15
Uh ... yeah not gonna happen. I already know that I've committed at least ... I don't know but I have committed at least one sin in this book.