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Arisha Hasan By Arishahasan Updated May 19, 2016

Normally When a 17 year old teen girl moves to a new town and a new house the only problems she faces are lack of friends and how on this earth will she be able adjust in her new sorroundings ..

But with Allison Staurt this isn't the case .. When allison moves in her new house with her mother, she is greeted with a warning ... A warning which she should take seriously because it can save everything and everyone.

Will she be able to analyse those warnings in time or will she be too late?

[Highest Ranking : #1 in Horror ]

Cover By: @Harley_Quinn_18

***The story is currently unedited***

  • betrayal
  • blood
  • dark
  • fear
  • friends
  • frightening
  • ghosts
  • hate
  • love
  • nightmare
  • paranormal
  • past
  • suspense
  • teenfiction
  • thrill
  • warnings
  • wattys2016
                              You're doing so good already I love how you start out with the plot that help us understand everything about you
catquill25732 catquill25732 May 30, 2016
Awesome book!! I loved the starting a lot....though this isn't the starting
TheOneTrueJRW TheOneTrueJRW Oct 21, 2016
Read the first couple chapters and am enjoying it so far. Just out of curiosity, how did you go about designing the cover? Did you make it yourself or did you have someone else do it for you?
Arishahasan Arishahasan Jul 29, 2015
@ehmzya  thank you so much.. it feels really good when someone appreciates your work.. I'm so glad that you enjoyed reading this story and I do hope that it remains entertaining and frightening enough ahead :D
                              thanks a lot for letting me know what you think :)
ehmzya ehmzya Jul 29, 2015
this story is amazing ... ..i think your so very good writer ..
Arishahasan Arishahasan Mar 20, 2015
Aww thank you, it really means a lot :).
                              And All the best for your exams.  rock them ;) (I know you will)..