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Reach for the Stars (Percy Jackson AU)

Reach for the Stars (Percy Jackson AU)

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Twila By dragonsarecats Completed

It started with an argument. Seven middle schoolers who refused to get along. 

It began with an intervention. Seven middle schoolers who grudgingly got along.

It was caused by an attack. Seven middle schoolers with a cause in common. 

Seven middle schoolers that wanted to do right. Seven middle schoolers that became the best of friends.

It continued with a fight, a struggle, determination to do something. To fix something.

It ended with an injury. It ended with a trip to the hospital. And it ended forever.

Then it began again. A kidnapping. Six high schoolers who keep to themselves. 

Another, and another, and another, and another. Two high schoolers that didn't know what to do.

Finally one was left. One high schooler that wanted nothing to do with it, one high schooler that just wanted her scholarship. One high schooler that's being dragged back into a mess she left a lifetime ago. 

Zoë Nightshade just wanted to Reach for the Stars. 

But with the way things have been going lately, she doubts she'll be able to leave her past alone any longer. 


I own nothing, just the plot. Rick Riordan owns all characters and personalities.

-_Trust-Issues_- -_Trust-Issues_- Aug 26, 2016
Omg! At least Rick had the decency to wait 200 pages before killing her off!
sofacat16 sofacat16 Jan 02
Ok, I can tell this story is good already, but every time I think of the title, all I think of is Woody's voice: "Reach for the staaarrrs!!"
LordMatthaios LordMatthaios Jul 06, 2016
Damn. I wanted to be the first to comment a Divergent reference
Call_Me_California Call_Me_California Dec 28, 2016
.............I have no words
                              *cries in corner*
7th-Wheel 7th-Wheel Jul 20, 2016
Bianca? Bianca? Where are you?!?!? Nico never deserved this!!!!
PaperSwans PaperSwans Oct 30, 2015
                              Don't think I'm happy about this.
                              I'm not.
                              I'm actually about to cry. 
                              In public.
                              This is bad