Be Still, My Heart (Demi Lovato Lesbian Stories)

Be Still, My Heart (Demi Lovato Lesbian Stories)

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FireStarterXx By FireStarterXx Completed

So far Demi has made it through drama, jealousy, pregnancy, losing the baby and almost losing her love at the same time, just to cover the basics. 

We left our girls dealing with a fresh photo scandal, an increasingly complicated love triangle (or square), and several unanswered questions. Join them as they do their best to find the answers and as always(so it seems) try to find the balance needed between them to simplify some of the hassles that have been complicating their relationship. 

They say love conquers all, but will it prove true with all the obstacles being thrown at these two girls? And those still to come. 

As before: going to cover a lot, hard to wrap it up in a nutshell, but girlXgirl romance and drama is promised.  

Mature themes,  possible triggers, all the fun warnings(idk where all it will go, but I count nothing out) : sex of all types(gay, straight, mildly kinky, ect), drinking, possible drug use, minor BDSM/kinky undertones and scenes,  references to self harm

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AeroBorne AeroBorne Jul 23, 2017
                              ITS FREAKING OUT
                              RIGHT NOW
FireStarterXx FireStarterXx Apr 05, 2015
@LilLovatic Apparently sine people thought I just did it to get them nervous or riled up
FireStarterXx FireStarterXx Apr 05, 2015
@LilLovatic It's part of the story, that hasn't happened yet
Iovatos Iovatos Apr 05, 2015
at the beginning, the whole part in italics, I feel like it's hinting to something that's gonna happen later in the story & it's making me nervous. @FireStarterXx
Iovatos Iovatos Apr 05, 2015
now when the parts of demi & the dr are talking I get really nervous
FireStarterXx FireStarterXx Apr 05, 2015
@LilLovatic they totally matter 
                              it's still ongoing
                              and actually, once you're caught up, since you've read it so recently
                              you could maybe help point out unsettled issues/unanswered questions to be addressed which is what I'm currently doing in the story