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Falling For My Bully

Falling For My Bully

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Sietara Mahshar By sietara Completed

Sarah Sanders is a girl who always got bullied. No matter how hard she tried to fit in she just couldn't. Scar by scar she felt something in her body, but what? Then there was Nash Grier. He was handsome but always liked to play around with girls, go to parties, have sex and bully people weaker than him. Sarah was one of them. What happens when Nash starts to develop feelings for her? Lies are told, secrets are made and love is found.

advice their relationship is ummm how do i say this ummm.... moving to quickly kk? alright not to be mean!!
i don't get why people cut themselves. I get that they feel emotionally helpless but harming your self is just dumb. like you are already feeling pain, what is the point for adding more pain? -_-
luvneverminute82 luvneverminute82 Jul 10, 2016
Wow f***ed up ! When you need your family they help you but when they need you it's a whole nother story. Boy family can suck sometimes.😡
luvneverminute82 luvneverminute82 Jul 10, 2016
Wtf why is he bullying her? 
                              I forgot because he likes her.😒
grandestarbuckslatte grandestarbuckslatte Nov 20, 2016
Why would u make such sweet, positive and hot boys be the bullies 😂