RIGGS GONE BAD//A Chandler Riggs fanfiction sequel

RIGGS GONE BAD//A Chandler Riggs fanfiction sequel

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Elly By girlypolkadots511 Updated Jan 04

Alice Michelle, is now 18 years old and living the life as a full time actress. She's got amazing friends and a loving family as she's about to graduate high school with amazing grades and a great career. We last saw Alice killing dead things on 'The walking dead' where she met her first love, and the now incredibly famous; Chandler Riggs

Alice finds herself yet again face to face with the blue eyed heartbreaker and it's not how she wants it to end. 

Read 'Riggs: The sequel' to find out if Alice and Chandler will live their happily ever after, or if their lives are completely destroyed or broken by each other's presence.

Ima just go cry in a corner now.. I know TWD isn't ending, but it still hurts my soul just thinking about it... ;-;
2 1/2 restrooms? Did I read that right cause how would you have 2 1/2?
bri_lin00 bri_lin00 Oct 07, 2016
The only thing I could think of when I saw this is how the dog of scooby doo says "whaaaat"
aprilskepner aprilskepner Jul 23, 2016
Me and my dad act like siblings usually. My mom gets irritated at us.
flufflypuffydog03 flufflypuffydog03 Dec 03, 2016
😲😲😲😲😲 b-b-but he loves Hana I mean he broke up with us