Runt (Boyxboy)

Runt (Boyxboy)

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Fifox By Fireicefox Updated Sep 26, 2016

You always hear about how the Beta is the second in command and that they're loyal to their Alpha. Well its all true and it is known that a Beta's children share some similar traits as they grow into them.

But what if his youngest son happens to be an omega in the pack yet he is known throughout the high school as pup, worthless, and mutt.

Meet Aaron Daniels, he is the shortest among his family. His mother and siblings love him but he has a feeling his father dislikes him  but he never really asked to scared if it was true.
Xavier Hulten is the next in line for being the Alpha King . He is tall, smart, handsome, and well built. At school all the girls swoon and flaunt what they got to get his attention but he doesn't swing that way. Though Nicole Falters shows up and thinks she can change that by attempting to woo the soon to be Alpha King. 
Is Aaron a normal wolf or a special one?
Will Xavier discover his real mate or will things crumble and fall to pieces?
Read and you will find out.

  • bxb
  • hatred
  • heartache
  • love
  • mates
  • mpreg
  • special
  • werewolves
WeAim2Pls WeAim2Pls Mar 03
Maeve4340 Maeve4340 4 days ago
If he's 14 and a junior, he's smart, like he's a year smarter than people his age and younger than people in his year so he's had to work faster then them to mentally mature and be as smart
-team-marichat- -team-marichat- 7 hours ago
I am five foot, two inches, and three quarters
                              i WiLl DeStRoY yOu
Tyler_Lockhart Tyler_Lockhart Oct 25, 2016
hey I just started a story like seriously it's my first one ever but I only have the intro done like seriously 1 page so far. I have been thinking of doing a story forever now but I can never figure out how to write down all of the different ideas swimming in my brain, you know.
Lizzy_da_tomboy Lizzy_da_tomboy Aug 29, 2016
I'm 4'10 and hearing that makes me feel better about my height😀
Houlia Houlia Nov 05, 2016
*Cringe*I'm just gonna imagine 5"3. I can't accept anything lower.