Girl Meets Off-Set

Girl Meets Off-Set

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crysantha By badassuna Updated Feb 26, 2015

"Anyways," he clears his throat, "I've noticed you like Beyoncé,"

I smirk. "You've been playing close attention, haven't you?"

"I like to observe people."

"Yeah right," I laugh.

He gets up from the floor, and leans in close to my face. "Fine. I watch you, because I like you." His words press into my chest. He leans his face closer, and focuses on my lips.

The only thing that comes out of my mouth is, "But you're older than I am..."

He smiles at me. "Like that makes a difference."

"I just don't understand," I start. "We're 3 years apart. You have a car, I don't. You probably would rather be with girls your age, and how would I even go to prom with you?" I frown.

"Well, I understand, completely." He looks me in the eyes.

A Girl Meets World Original Story filled with 
Fun experiences, Loving memories,
Heartbreaking betrayals, Crazy sleepovers,
Laughable accidents, and Unexpected romance.

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cellowarrior13 cellowarrior13 Dec 01, 2016
That is a smart idea ... doing the real life people instead of the plotline of the girl meets world. That is so cooL!
emma_grace9412 emma_grace9412 Mar 16, 2016 heart has already been broken and it's only the prolouge....can an author do that?!
lindseytho lindseytho Aug 15, 2016
Omg I've done that at a ski resort and I just stood there frozen for 15 seconds I was so scared
myrucasheart myrucasheart Aug 03, 2016
Yes rowen asking Corey to carry her out is killing me😂😂😂
_fireworkk_ _fireworkk_ Sep 01, 2016
God I keep forgetting this isn't GMW and I was thinking mr. Mathews. I was like unmmm she should be saying dad?
chloexlukasiak chloexlukasiak Jan 10, 2016
lmao I was on a road trip one time and I really had to pee so I ran into a restroom and when I was going to leave, I saw urinals and a bunch of men(INCLUDING MY DAD) started walking in so after like five minutes I just walked out AND I COULD FEEL THEM LOOKING AT ME