Defining a Terrorist #Wattys2016 (Editing)

Defining a Terrorist #Wattys2016 (Editing)

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Shona By Shona1993 Completed

Two individuals and two different paths but at the end the same destination. 

Sana is a young bubbly girl in her twenties. With no warning she finds herself between people she thought only existed in news and movies, terrorists. 

Sana can't comprehend how the deep blue eyed intimidating man even can call himself a Muslim when being a terrorist. How much knowledge may he have about Islam when he literally donesn't give a damn when terrorizing people? 

Islam can't teach what they're preaching. That's impossible. 

Then how come Sana learns a thing or two of the people she actually loathes? 

When secrets unwraps her mind and thoughts end up in a more tangled mess, as does her life.

Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved to Shona1993

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xx_fizzy_xx xx_fizzy_xx Jun 02, 2017
I've been held at gunpoint and honestly all you think is what the heck is happening 😱😷😷
TheDaydreamer99 TheDaydreamer99 Jul 20, 2017
Here only for prachi desai 😛😛😛 but i will read this 👍👍👍👍
scattered_stardust scattered_stardust Apr 01, 2016
I think I would smile and tell them to kill me if they want to..idk
scattered_stardust scattered_stardust Apr 01, 2016
Oh yea... Because she would have a crush on an older man who kidnapped her and threatens to kill her family 😑
klara_pyaar klara_pyaar Feb 11, 2016
Wait a min... she's Sana... is she the Sana I'm thinking she is?! 😱💞
ashfia7 ashfia7 Jul 29, 2016
This book is one of the very few books which makes readers to read the first chap with so much interest. Amazing first chap!