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Percy Jackson The Dark Angel

Percy Jackson The Dark Angel

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Christina By OBookWormO Completed

Percy felt useless at Camp Half Blood. After David Roberts son of Zeus arrived at Camp Half Blood everyone started to ignore Percy. Even the Gods did. Poseidon himself was ignoring Percy. His own son! He didn't know why at first but then he figured it out. David had told everyone at Camp Half Blood that Percy left him fighting monsters on his own while Percy just stood there watching. He was lying! But everyone believed him even Annabeth Chase the love of his life. One day he saw Annabeth and David kissing. That was the last string. At midnight he decided to pack his bags and run away. But while running away he fell into Tartarus again because a monster somehow kidnapped him in his sleep! But when he's in Tartarus, Chaos the creator of the universe saved him! Then what happened? He became the 2nd in command of Chaos' angel army and the 2nd most powerful person alive. He even brought back a few dead friends.

All rights go to Rick Riordan except for David Roberts!

Warning: This fan fiction is kind of random and I wrote it for fun. I know there are spelling errors but I don't give one. I repeat this fan fiction was written for fun.

Yes. Leo, I am a hunter, but you have earned my TOLERANCE. Not love, TOLERANCE
                              I shouldn't be laighing
uHm... im not crying and I read that in a monotone voice....
                              Oh wait. Its because I have no heart after it shattered from too many feels from the fangirl life and the pieces were scattered everywhere, worse then Kronos was after being chopped up and thrown into Tartarus.
No! Blackjack needs to go on a diet. From now on, Blackjack can only have one blade of grass a day until he weighs exactly 2 kgs
Take in to account that David is my brother's name, and this statement couldn't be more true.
Doesn't riptide return to his pocket? Author-chan.... you disappoint me...