My New Boss Is My Alpha Mate

My New Boss Is My Alpha Mate

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mecca abdi By shawtygirl143 Completed

Why is this so hard , This use to be so easy why can't I just talk to her shes just a girl. But shes just not a girl shes my mate , my future packs future luna , my true love the one I want and well have if she excepts me. I Alpha  Andrew  have always and  well get whatever I want when I want it and I want her I want Avery Elise the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on.Well he get Avery and tell her about his wolf and that shes his mate. But what happens when Avery has a secret that she is keeping from her crush her new boss.

Is he really my mate,  My new boss is my mate how do I tell him what if I don't I dont think a human would want a lone wolf like me.what do I do I need him I want him. 

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akira8048 akira8048 Jul 06
Does everybody introduce themselves like that? Come on! Their not James Bond!!!
BeautifulMute BeautifulMute 5 days ago
I think this is a really good book but please can you turn on your auto correct and use "quotes"
MaithileeV MaithileeV Aug 17
I'm loving the plot a lot! But sorry to say you have made very very horrible spelling mistakes . Also , where are the punctuation marks?! 
                              I would like to request you - please correct the mistakes or ask someone to edit it for you  .
Please put " when some is talking and another " after they are done it is really confusing I'm not trying to be rude but did your English teacher ever teach you that
I cant even understand what is written... I feel like this is a good book though!
Mallorytt Mallorytt Aug 25
I agree the plot is really good, but you made so many spelling errors