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Kissmysass29 By Kissmysass29 Updated Oct 23, 2016

(The night- honne)

I sighed as i leaned my head against the wall of my cubical observing some pictures i took on my trip to cali 2 weeks ago. I smiled and finished up the files Mr.dawson asked me to fill out and logged off of my computer. "Shit"i yelled as I remember my light bill was due today but i was to tired to care i was in desperate need of a shower ,some food ,and my bed.

As i started to walk to my car i heard the faint sound of my heels clicking against the pavement.I couldnt describe it but there was an eerie feeling in the pit of my stomach as the cool,crisp, march air lightly danced across my face .I got in my car and started the engine as i looked forward i could faintly see the outline of a tall
man even though i only could see his sihlouette i could tell he had a strong build. i simply shrugged it off and drove home. 

As i got in my house i shut the door,stripped my clothing off and rummaged through my fridge for some fruit and water. I grabbed my food and headed to...

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emmaemmadk emmaemmadk Mar 23, 2017
A stranger walks into your bathroom amd this is your reaction??