The Hunter (manxman) - book 3 of Alpha

The Hunter (manxman) - book 3 of Alpha

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RainbowAlpha By RainbowAlpha Updated Dec 12, 2017

Thorfinn Karsefui, a Viking trader and adventurer came to the American soil along with 3 ships but soon left the land to live in Iceland. A viking got lost in the woods and never came back, though he was found by the Native American. They took him in and treated him as one of them. And soon Reilic was born. 

Before Raizel, he was Reilic Greene.

He was born a shifter. He can shift into a bear and was feared by many. He was a warrior, vicious and aggressive. He killed those who crossed him until one day, he was punished by Mother Earth herself. He created a council along with those like him. And they vowed to control the others and keep peace among the non-shifters. He hunt those who disobeyed. He became The Hunter
What the others didn't know about the shifters is that they have mates. And they will do anything to find their mates, even if it means surviving for 1000 years. 

This is the story before everything. Well you can guess what happened when the vampires came. Shits happened.

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deeylla deeylla Jul 05, 2015
It seemed a bit rushed but still as excellent as ever. Cant wait for more :)
Shaunzluvsyouxx Shaunzluvsyouxx Jun 28, 2015
just read all three of the alpha trilogy. yes I did it in one sitting.  I was absorbed and captivated by your stories. cant wait to read the rest of this when it comes out.
kathy2422 kathy2422 Jan 11, 2015
I love it!! It was a real good start into it and informative