Falling Light {Completed}

Falling Light {Completed}

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Daya By xoCloudyApplesxo Completed

While most teenagers are away on vacation during the summer break, seventeen-year-old Rosalynn Young is stuck at home and she discovers a shocking secret that plunges her into a frightening shadowy world of Demons, Onyxs, and Darklings. . . that soon turns deadly.

She didn't believe in monsters. . . that is until she met one with steely blue eyes and fell for him.  

BUY FALLING LIGHT ON AMAZON!!  I've published an EDITED VERSION with new scenes added, some scenes removed, and I changed a few characters names so please if you can download the published copy on Amazon!  :)


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mydreamadventure mydreamadventure Nov 19, 2016
I just I never understood why they always ask the guy they just met these types of questions like really!!  haha
Alex456908xxx Alex456908xxx Oct 28, 2016
That moment when u see someone hot  when ur out but u know u will never see them again :p
misshely misshely Nov 13, 2016
The description of his cologne reminds me of chanel or the one million that every guy wears lol
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 20, 2015
I'm a big fan! I found myself living the story in my mind's eye. Crazy good! I would like more, more!
kiobetoe kiobetoe Nov 17, 2015
@xoCloudyApplesxo  i absolutely adore the style of writing used and the captivating plot too
                              I will definitely read on for more;)
xDreaax xDreaax Aug 09, 2015
WOW! I've been searching for a great book to read and I think I found it! :D He sounds gorgeous already