Venomous (A Vampire Academy FanFiction)

Venomous (A Vampire Academy FanFiction)

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After those four words I felt like hell, and Lissa wasn't there to comfort me. Nope, she was there to be a royal bitch. I  left, and am now the infamous strigoi hunter Roza. Yes I did keep the nickname, don't ask questions. I will do anything to protect those I love, especially my son Erik. The queen just called me back to court, but will my past get in the way of saving my world?    - Rose Mazur

Cover by Maddie_TS!


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RozaBelikova96 RozaBelikova96 Mar 22, 2016
Okay. What the actual frick?! In three years, she has killed 437 strigoi? I mean, she's really good but that's a little exaggerated. I'm not gonna complain, though. Fanfics are known for exaggeration.
danilamybae danilamybae Mar 29, 2016
What u can't change Hathaway that's like her name it like a staple
                              "I'm Rose Hathaway" 
                              Man I can't
RozaBelikova96 RozaBelikova96 Mar 29, 2016
Agh this is sooo OOC for Lissa. She is like, the most loving and caring person in the entire freaking series! Making her a b!tch is just...argh! I think she would be upset, but wouldn't sya those things to Rose, who's like her sister.