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One hell of a crush (demonstuck fanfic)

One hell of a crush (demonstuck fanfic)

30.8K Reads 1.5K Votes 12 Part Story
Pylix By pylixx Updated Apr 21, 2016

John was like any other kid in high school. Till one day his parents just. Disappeared. The police considered them dead. Heart broken John was forced to live with his cousin jake who lived in England. At first Life was pretty normal for the two of them. Until one day John and jake got jumped on the way home from work. Thats when the two of them meet the striders, Two highly attractive demon brothers. Life from then on was simply hell. (Contains boy x boy. Don't like. Don't read. For now it has dirkjake and Davejohn. I may add more ships later. (◕‿◕✿) Enjoy. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in my story. They are all created by the wonderful, Andrew hussie. I do own the plot of this story. Hope you like it ;3)

BoredomGuah BoredomGuah Mar 30, 2016
Hay um so I noticed that this is like a unupdated thingy (sorry I'm really bad with words) and I was just wondering why you stopped
- - Sep 30, 2016
The kinky room I see. Oh Jake, don't you know John is one homo lil motherfûcker? We all know why he has those booty shorts on
isthataduck isthataduck Sep 28, 2016
Come huddle with us in the hole in the vacant lot next to Big Rico's Pizza.
I_Am_Lord_Pun I_Am_Lord_Pun Oct 02, 2016
PepsiEggs PepsiEggs Jul 12, 2016
Yesssssssss........ You have a coussssiinn....Hissssss name isss..... Jake Englissssshhh, and he livessssss in England.
bettycrockerwilleatu bettycrockerwilleatu Oct 06, 2016
Thanks for not only including the people but the fangirls as well *tips hat*