In Between Days {Star Trek Enterprise fan fiction}

In Between Days {Star Trek Enterprise fan fiction}

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jespah By jespah Updated Sep 28, 2015

Star Trek: In Between Days covers the time period within and around the voyages of the NX-01 Enterprise, the first Starship with that designation. The time period is about 2157 to 2162, and the stories (which are interrupted by the novels Reversal, Intolerance, Together, Temper, and Fortune) in this anthology weave in and out and around that time period and cover our universe and its imperfect mirror.

Starring Malcolm Reed, Doug Hayes Beckett, Lili O'Day, Melissa Madden, and Leonora (Norri) Digiorno, with guest appearances by Hoshi Sato, Jonathan Archer, Trip Tucker, Travis Mayweather, Phlox, T'Pol, and Erika Hernandez. 

What do home and family mean to the people of the future, and how do they keep romance alive when the people they love the most are light years away? How do they conquer jealousy, and change their lives, and the lives of their children? And over on the other side of the pond, in the Mirror Universe, how does an Empire rise, and how do ordinary people protect themselves against tyranny?

This is no ordinary fan fiction.

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