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Frenchie By MissSauvage Completed

"Love is nothing but an evolved infatuation, which, if in the hands of the good-hearted can be a heavenly experience; if in the hands of the ill-hearted can become a sinful obsession."

~Yasmina Saint-Jean (Yours Truly)

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amesbonet amesbonet a day ago
*turns around and walks back to ole boy* "Aiight so boom I'm sorry for leading you and on and making you fall in love, but I tried and I just can't. We still cool right? Friends?" 😂😂😂
Moocha_1lov3 Moocha_1lov3 Dec 23, 2016
Damn daddy put me in my feelings and it ain't even bout me 😂
Miss_Divaa Miss_Divaa Jan 04
Okay okay wait. But ain't that still her brother? Y'all don forget didn't it?
If she rocking $700 bundles I doubt she would go for a bubblegum machine ring 😂 js
FaithHamilton14 FaithHamilton14 Dec 28, 2016
I would've been like "you're name is April. You wild wyd tho ? "
Let's play a game: shots every time he says baby in this book