Raven (Book One of the Dark Lycans Series)

Raven (Book One of the Dark Lycans Series)

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The first installment of the Dark Lycans series.

They live beside werewolves in the dark, deadly forests. Most fear them, but every once in a while, a few arrogant wolves believe they can destroy The Hunters. The Hunters show no mercy towards those who defy them. Trained from a young age, these highly skilled assassins bow down to no one. Raven is the first and last female to ever be a part of The Hunters. She is one of the cruelest beings in the species, the only problem is, she isn't a pure blood hunter. She has the same abilities as the hunters, but she also has many dark secrets that would put her life in danger, if they ever found out.


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xxSimply_Asiaxx xxSimply_Asiaxx Sep 12, 2017
No offense but why is is blonde hair? Why not raven black hair or some type of anomaly color? Blonde is so plaiiin
liofrancis liofrancis Jul 04, 2017
How could charlie betray her like that!!!!??????😭😭😭😭😞😠😠😠😠😠
trinkrazo trinkrazo Oct 26, 2017
This needs a better base or foundation.  Why do I care if they end her?  Why do I care about her being a hunter?  To many questions for this rapid start.
15rscooby 15rscooby May 19, 2017
I feel like theres too many firsts in this. It feels a bit unnatural cause we dont really get an explanation for why shes only now doing everything. Makes it seem like its only for the book.
kutekittykat8265 kutekittykat8265 Feb 19, 2015
@RoxanneSmolen that is a wonderful idea. I will most definitely do something like that later on!
kutekittykat8265 kutekittykat8265 Jan 28, 2015
@nerdychic77 I know, the only reason i put that in there because there is a picture later on.