Omega's ALPHA Mate #Wattys2015

Omega's ALPHA Mate #Wattys2015

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I'm Shelby Marie Cole. I don't really have a happy life like every other wolf. I'm 17 years old and a senior in high school. I'm the omega in the pack and I can't shift yet. I'm the only one that can't shift. I'm the one who keeps the pack house clean and cook for the pack. My family don't really support me much because they died in an car accident couple of years ago. I was only 15 at the time and that's when I became the omega. Before that I was happy with my family, my parents were the current betas for the current alpha and luna of the River Stone Pack. My older brother, Xavier was happy to back then and now he changed.

My brother was about 17 years old around that time and now he's 19 now. His personality changed after out parents died. He's happy and go lucky kid and he's now the beta to his best friend and the Alpha, Asher Dylan Welsh. Xavier was not only just the beta, he wants his mate and he nevered found her yet. But on the other hand he is kinda a bit protective of me. 


Your wording is a bit choppy. But the story is starting off okay 😀
quinger671 quinger671 Oct 19
I got as far as Ch 8. I like your story. You have a good plot line, but your sentences are really grammatically incorrect. I hope you don't take this as bad criticism or as me being a "hater".
ShadowOfAFallenAngel ShadowOfAFallenAngel Nov 08, 2015
@Juliustheboss band shirts are like 25-30 at hot topic no matter the band ...... I know because im a band nerd XD
Juliustheboss Juliustheboss Oct 12, 2015
Damñ chase thanks for the summary you can delete the prolouge now
Juliustheboss Juliustheboss Oct 12, 2015
I like how he say mate so dramatically like "lalalala what a wonderful da- MATEMATEMATEMATEMATE
Juliustheboss Juliustheboss Oct 12, 2015
"My family doesnt support me" "im poor" "im the omega" GEE NO WONDER WITH THOSE EXPENSIVE AŚS CLOTHS LIKE ISNT BVB SHIRTS LIKE 125