The Bet

The Bet

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Tora Snow By vsnow_ Completed


When a hot, but spoiled guy gets kicked out of boarding school for heading up a gambling ordeal at his private school, his parents force him into public school. He notices that all the girls in school are always surrounding him, but one, the shy, not at all confident, Kaden. She is beautiful, but lacks confidence in herself. Luke makes a bet with some of his new cocky friends that he can get her to fall in love with him by the end of the school year. Will Luke make her fall for him? Will he fall for her? Will the truth about Kaden's background come to light?

Cover credit to the amazing @butterflyfielz!!!! She did an amazing job on this cover!

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_Lil_Angel_ _Lil_Angel_ Aug 04
Damn woman. It's public school. Not friggin prison. No that's private school.
Lol. The stereotype. I get that all the time. Except in my case its true
When you used to attend private school but your parents pulled you out and people in the private school were saying stuff similar to that.
This is very racist, and yes, Asians are smart and good at their work. That doesn't mean the rest is not. It's not as if Asians are perfect.  Don't forget that they are also humans like us, and all humans are capable of achieving the same. Just because they achieve it, they aren't the only ones.
wcndcrlust wcndcrlust Nov 05
I take offense to it considering my grades aren’t even close to what he got and I’m asian(Ik it’s a joke don’t come for me)
- - Jun 06
So my old teacher had dyslexia. Got expelled from school and let out stink bombs in his french class as well as a load more stuff
                              But he's one of the best teachers I have ever had