Horan's Boy z.h

Horan's Boy z.h

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[ziall; completed]

Niall had been kicked out of endless schools for breaking rules. His mum had moved him to England, hoping he'd clean up his act within a change of scene, but, the blonde didn't find motivation to change. He found Zayn instead. Zayn was a few years younger than Niall, and had his own group of friends. Niall couldn't clean up his act, not when he had all this desperation for Zayn. He'd never felt so frustrated before, and Niall instead found himself interested in a 18 year old lad who only made his behavior worse.

Warning: Contains sexual references, violence, coarse language, and exposure to drug use. 



[3rd place in Summer awards 2015)

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ihatelies-_- ihatelies-_- May 02, 2017
Why am I laughing so hard at this???😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
_ohmyjoshimsodun_ _ohmyjoshimsodun_ Dec 09, 2017
It's actually very difficult to picture Niall as "the bad boy" and Zayn as the younger one
Niall if Perrie wanted to keep the baby then your dumbäss doesn’t have a say in whether Perrie aborts the baby or not.
im_a_sin im_a_sin May 27, 2017
Not in my school the bathroom is ugh only time I go in there is when im hiding or running from a teacher that's it
ZaynIsGolden ZaynIsGolden May 04, 2016
Hell I'm rereading this for fourth time what kindda freak am I?
MinamoIsTired MinamoIsTired Jul 06, 2016
Guys if it doesn't show up follow the author, if that doesn't work make sure your age is 17 or older and then log out and then log back in