Demi/You Sister Imagines (Discontinued)

Demi/You Sister Imagines (Discontinued)

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Peter Pan By Misfit_Lovatic Updated Sep 12

Demi/You Sister Imagines

- Cute
- Dramatic
- Random
- Sad

Same as my other imagine book but its Demi/You as Sisters not in a relationship. :)

To request an imagine just leave me with:
Demi's Age:
Y/N's Age:
Your Idea:
Other People you want to appear in it:

Type: Cute
Demi's Age: 22
Y/N's Age: 10
Your Idea: Y/N surprises Demi whilst she's on tour and pranks her at a meet and greet.
Other People in it: Marissa and Maddie


Comment or DM me your ideasssss :)

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R5_Stole_My_Heart101 R5_Stole_My_Heart101 Sep 19, 2015
Demi & Y/N get in a plane crash
                              Demi's age: 25
                              Y/N age: 6
                              Type: sad
                              Other people: just them
                              And at the end they both die
R5_Stole_My_Heart101 R5_Stole_My_Heart101 Aug 12, 2015
Demi took y/n on tour
                              Demi's age: 25
                              Y/N age: 4
                              Type: Cute
                              Other people: R5, 5H, Maddie, Dallas (R5: Rydel Ross Rocky Riker Elligton)
- - Jun 25, 2015
Y/N goes missing/runs away and Demi gets really worried 
                              Demi's Age: 22
                              Y/N's age: 14 
                              Type: Dramatic/cute
                              Other people: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez
SimplisticPerfection SimplisticPerfection Apr 13, 2015
Type: Serious
                              Demi's age: 22 
                              Y/Ns age: 15
                              Idea: The Lovato/Delagarza family have come to pick up Y/N as she is a changeling and was switched at birth with a baby that died after six weeks. 
                              Other people involved: Dallas, Maddie, Diana, Eddie, Y/Ns family.
Ride_Or_Die_Gurl Ride_Or_Die_Gurl Feb 04, 2015
catching  best friend (Lexi) and  Boyfriend (Keith) in bed  together
demiforever35 demiforever35 Jan 07, 2015
type: random? idk
                              demi's age: 28
                              y/n's age: 15
                              idea: y/n comes home drunk late at night and demi catches her in the kitchen and has a talk with her
                              other people: dianna, marissa, dallas, maddie if you want
                              &&& I'm so excited for this book