The Whore and the Virgin

The Whore and the Virgin

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Skylar the Introvert By xoCrashFire Completed

Here's a little start on Gerard's life, written by yours truly, xoCrashFire. Disregard the smut, I tried my best, sorrryyy! And the amazing cover was made by SeraphStarshine

Don't forget, I love you all! 



I gasp out his name one last time, reaching my climax and shooting all over his hand and stomach. He wasn't quite there yet, he continues to pound into me, moaning and groaning, looking and sounding like a complete sex god. "Mm, Gee," my boyfriend, Bert, moans after thrusting into me one last time and emptying himself into the condom wrapped around his dick. 

We're both breathing hard, still calming down from our late night activity. He's still on top of me, his dick still inside me, his lips pressed against my neck, kissing it lightly. "You were great, babe," he hums into my neck. 

I moan a little at his lips and breath hitting one of my soft spots, "You too, baby." His lips continue to kiss and rub against that spot, and if he doesn't stop, I'm going to be har...

ailatan123 ailatan123 Dec 31, 2016
I have. Ya know that guy who was in a band for 12 years and then broke it up my saying it was all an idea? Well he's named GERARD
cityisinflames cityisinflames 4 days ago
My birth name is nazha. Which no one can pronounce. But the name I go by and hopefully will change to it soon before surgery is Adam.
Jojo_F_Addes Jojo_F_Addes 5 days ago
IDK2204 IDK2204 Jan 03
My name is Colleen, with two l's and two e's, but everyone spells it wrong, and there are no nicknames for it, and it makes me sound old and fancy, and no one has the same name that I know, and it just sucks. Rant over. Sorry. (:)
Raehel Raehel Feb 09
you don't know who we are
                              but we know you.  
                              we are the fandom. 
                              we will find your weakness
                              and take advantage of it
                              and we will hurt you
                              just like you did to Gerard
                              *smiles creepily*
Looks like there's another type of chemistry going on in that class ;)