Scarlet Soul [Claude Faustus X Reader Lemon]

Scarlet Soul [Claude Faustus X Reader Lemon]

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{Not my art on the cover- clearly. If you know who the truly talented Michelangelo who actually created this sexily sinful masterpiece slide into my DMS and lemme know. I need to pay tribute.] 

You know by now I'm a very sexual person. Here is another dirty story. It's supposed to be a reader fanfiction, but I opted to use the 'she' pronoun instead of the 'you' one normally used. Eh. Deal with it. I want to say that this story is also not just smut. I'm super religious and couldn't bring myself to write about crazy sex with a demon without righting it. Plus I'm still carrying my licensed V-Card (I know right? Surprising), so idk how good this is compared to my newer stuff. It was my first smut attempt. Anyway, it has Alois AND Jim Macken in it *ohhh ahh*. How you ask? Read mah fic and you'll know. 

[jeez I write a lot in my descriptions alone. #sorrynotsorry (but seriously I have no clue why I feel the need to explain myself all the time to strangers online. Maybe it's more for my own benefit than anything else. Whatever. Oh whale. Peace out).]

This is also the worst piece of shit you may ever read. I've improved my writing immensely since its genesis. 


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bloodloom22 bloodloom22 Jun 30, 2017
Not gonna lie I like this kind of story with smut much better than just boom lets have sex. Its a lovely put together work
SinicalMonster SinicalMonster Sep 16, 2016
oh. This is something I very much like. :o I'm getting excited!!!
ciel2008 ciel2008 Nov 01, 2016
Hey author u know that ciel was born in 1875 and Alois  in 1874 so tecnuiqly Alois is only4 years old so he wouldn't even be at the trancy manor yet
- - Aug 31, 2015
reaaaaallyyyy i cant read this properly , i am skiping the parts all the time....
- - Aug 31, 2015
reaaaaallyyyy i cant read this properly , i am skiping the parts all the time....