Gone (httyd)

Gone (httyd)

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megan ashley hammed By booyakasha17 Updated Nov 15

hiccup tops first in dragon training and gets the chance to kill a dragon but when that day comes he is no where to be found. read more to know what will happen in this story. 

i do not own any httyd characters or anything httyd.

this is my first httyd story so please let me know how it is! thanks!

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  • dragons
  • fishlegs
  • gobber
  • hiccup
  • ruffnut
  • snotlout
  • stoick
  • toothless
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I haven't read one of these books in a long time
                              I'm going back to my roots
He's a growing dragon busting into people's homes when they're in the process of fleeing the only place he's ever known is normal for him
Should probably I dunno grab some provisions 
                              That you need for sUrVIVAL
BloodRose2694 BloodRose2694 Dec 20, 2016
I thought that I've been hurt before, but no ones ever left me quite this sore
hiccstridtoothless39 hiccstridtoothless39 Jan 26, 2016
OMG is your name Megan? Just wondering, Bc mine is Meagan, too. Just spelled a bit differently....XD <3
horseland123 horseland123 Jul 23, 2015
Eh who cares if you have a few tiny mistakes! My book does, as long as I can read it, and understand it then it's good (sp! It's great)