Percy Jackson: The Defender of Olympus (#Wattys2017)

Percy Jackson: The Defender of Olympus (#Wattys2017)

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TheGodOfThunder By TheGodOfThunder Updated Sep 04

He was betrayed by his own kin. He was shunned away,like a pile of trash. And when he was on the brink of death,Chaos took him in.

Now he is the Commander of the Army of Chaos, protector of the universe. And when a certain planet in the Milky Way calls for help, a lot of problems arise. 

Now he is forced to save the people who betrayed him.

This 'He' is Percy Jackson. 

DISCLAIMER: This is the disclaimer for the whole book. No characters are owned by me, except for Alexander and Amos. All characters belong to Uncle Rick (Rick Riordan)

SarahGuan9 SarahGuan9 Aug 18
Who knew a Athena Spawn can be so stupid? Nevermind, I've always known.
madebymara_ madebymara_ Sep 08
Omgg I absolutely love this! Would you mind checking out my Camp Half Blood fanfic? Thanks! :))❤️
Yeah you idiots. If Percy wanted, he could kill you all right this instance.
Tell me the software u use 😉😉 to make covers and where did u get the pic... of harry :) thats all i ask A.......l....h   S...........a ..........d
@Haddi_Potato yeah sure tell them...then don't talk to me ever again...
Are the characters all from the first Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus. Just wanted to know, that's what gets me into a Percy Jackson book.