Cat Shifter

Cat Shifter

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\->Me<-/ By Caitlin_67 Completed

I stared down at the little beast as it fluttered and tried to escape, I looked at it with one last evil grin and then I....


The butterfly flew away!
I really need to work on my catching skills, a normal human wouldn't let a soft winged butterfly get away!

Stop. Wait a second. 
This is getting worse,
Soon someone's gonna find out...

But until then I've just got to hold in the urge to pounce at anything that moves...

* Read this if you want. I honestly don't like it, but others seem to. So sure, go read it if you're like other people*

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Phoenix10440 Phoenix10440 May 01, 2017
I disagree, I love math, I think it's the best subject ever and is the greatest, I just love that class, even if we have to learn stupid common core,
howrse1245 howrse1245 May 09
By opening ur mouth and using ur vocal cords... I mean that's how it worked the last time I checked
SBlueD SBlueD Jan 22
Thats me when my mum is about to walk my dogs. I am like 
                              "Got your keys?"
                              "Got it"
                              "OK you can go. Have fun. Love you."
justicebooks1 justicebooks1 Feb 17, 2017
I would tell on mom or never listen to her and ignore them like she's just thin air
jaydegriin jaydegriin May 12, 2015
It's so true though! Every Easter is chocolate overload time!
tambrynn_stories tambrynn_stories Feb 08, 2015
I honestly wanted to laugh so badly but I can't because I'm supposed to be asleep and my annoying laugh would most likely wake up the whole neighbourhood! But like DAMN! You want some ice with dat burn????? XD