Harder: BoyxBoy One Shots

Harder: BoyxBoy One Shots

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Max Night By MaxNight Updated 6 days ago

These are a collection of one shots about absolutely anything. Some are dirty, some are sad, and some are heart warming. If you'd like on your free time take a look at them, I'm sure you'll like them. 

Many people ask why I name each chapter after the name of the main character being talked about and truthfully I don't really know, just thought it'd be cool :)

I take requests btw

Warning mature content, so if you don't want to read explicit boyxboy, manxboy, and manxman stories then I suggest you don't read this.  But other than that ENJOY :)

Don't forget to vote and comment, I love reading comments. 

Happy reading :)

P.S- these one shots are severely unedited, I never take my time to reread them because I get too excited to share them with you guys lol. So I apologize for all the grammar mistakes, and my mediocre writing all together.

you know sometimes I wish I had a dick 😑 but unfortunately I don't 😥
I'm glad this was the first part, or I would have complained quite a lot xD
gomezyuli16 gomezyuli16 6 days ago
Omg this one was so different from the others,I loved it!! Really beautiful
She's not a good friend... I would have beat him down and there is no way I would let him to talk to him unless he told me otherwise.