Silent Gay 2

Silent Gay 2

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Artaith By Artaith Updated Feb 18

Caspian always knew one day he would probably get arrested for something, maybe for one to many speeding tickets, or for beating up some random drunk at the bar he preformed at. But never for something he didn't do.
When he woke up lying across Gabriel's broken and battered body all he could see and feel was the blood coating his hands and the forceful police officers removing him from the scene.
But as he was dragged away, he would never forget the sight of the boy who he had grown to care for lying so vulnerable on the hardwood floor. As the paramedics surrounded him trying to restart his heart. Caspian truly believed he lost Gabriel that night as he lay bleeding out, but he had no idea how or what had actually happened.
What he did know was that he was being framed, and probably by the boy who had really committed the offence. 
Gabriel's ex best friend Lucas. 
The boy who he had promised Gabriel would never ever touch him again. And as Caspian was forced into the back of the police car with watching eyes everywhere, he knew deep in his heart that he had failed the one person who mattered most.

All Gabriel remembers is waking up in a hospital bed with his father sitting quietly beside him, and a man in a white coat telling him that he had almost died.
But then Jude pays him a visit and Gabriel's worst nightmare becomes reality. The chocolate eyed boy who held his heart and changed his entire life was sitting behind bars because of his father. A man who threatens all those he cares for if he breathes a word of the truth.
So now Gabriel has a choice. He can either save the first and only guy to ever walk into his life and truly care about him whilst risking everything. Or he can continue cowering under his father's thumb and let Caspian go down for something he didn't commit.

Gabriel and Caspian have returned in an awe inspiring story of true love, sacrifice and their next fight against all those that threaten to tear them apart.

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HypexSaber HypexSaber Aug 22, 2017
What? That's a lie because if you think about it, the cops talked to his father. The damage to Gabe happened shortly after they left. Soooo?
- - Mar 22, 2016
U are an amazibg author. Ur work inspires me but i still suck at writing. But keep doing what your doing. U are an AMAZING author
Swixxy Swixxy Feb 28, 2016
Florence900 Florence900 Jun 01, 2015
@Artaith I understand but I can't wait to read the next chapter to find out what happen
Artaith Artaith Apr 25, 2015
@Vickiecalderon09 I Cant Begin To Thank You For Your Kind Words. I'm Simply Honoured To Hear You Would Buy My Work, And Yes I Still Update. I Try To Upload A Chpater Every Few Months, And Will Try To Update Soon. Especially For Your Amazing Comment xoxo
Vickiecalderon09 Vickiecalderon09 Apr 25, 2015
Hi, WOW! You are an Amazing Author and I do hope you publish story . It's so GOOD! I would love to buy it and add to my collection of Amazing Authors. Please let me know your still updating story?