Nightmare Husband (ManxMan|Mpreg) Nightmare Series: BOOK ONE

Nightmare Husband (ManxMan|Mpreg) Nightmare Series: BOOK ONE

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YasmineFernandez9984 By YasmineFernandez9984 Updated May 18, 2016

When Jax Kelly found out he'll be marrying the famous playboy Justin Stone, hell broke loose. Furious about his father's decision, Jax wanted to live a normal life and continue working in the childcare centre, it's a career he adored, working with children is his passion and he loved it. Jax never agreed with his fathers decisions and now he's paying the consequences. An arrange marriage isn't what Jax wanted, he wasn't ready for marriage and he didn't want to marry a stranger but it seems Justin thinks otherwise. 

After meeting his feisty fiancé Justin instantly took interest in the young Latin twink, he has a reputation that'll drive anyone away. Justin needed to marry the young man in order to take over his fathers business. It's a secret his soon to be husband doesn't need to know, Justin wasn't a man to fall in love, he believe love is just a fairy tale. When secrets finally revealed, Justin is left with a choice between his business or the man he come to love. 

(My grammar isn't the greatest, so obviously there'll be lots of grammar mistakes. Keep your inner grammar perfectionist to yourself, don't like grammar mistakes then leave simple as that)

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AkatsukiKawaii AkatsukiKawaii Oct 22, 2017
i apologize for the assholles who said that to you... english isnt my first language either and i learned it through thorough reading and writing... fvck what anyonesays
darkknight103 darkknight103 Oct 27, 2017
Aww, people can be assholes sometimes, but don't let them discourage you!
                              I hope people have  a better attitude after this warning. :)
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Hi author...please dont be upset because of some random stupid donkeys ....they are just jealous of you because they aren't you cheers 😊 you are awesome😊😊 and we love you 😘😘
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common u shouldn't care much or u gonna live as the others expect u to
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Well.....they're judgemental and it's their fault if they like PERFECT grammars they it is their fault they chose this story so I suggest that you accept the fact and suck it up
erzarobin143 erzarobin143 Sep 05, 2017
I love your stories. I'm a new follower. Don't mind what other people say. I think your grammar is good.