The Arsenic Widow #Wattys2015 (mxm)

The Arsenic Widow #Wattys2015 (mxm)

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Juniper Adler By JuniperAdler Completed

Incent, a young hunter, is thrown into a dark and terrible job by his King. He is asked to assassinate a Prince from a neighbouring Kingdom. Knowing that he has only one year left of being a hunter, he wants to put every bit of himself into the given deed, however, he finds himself doubting himself and his goals. Humans aren't his only worry though.

Incent lives in a world where demons walk among them and being a hunter means he must exterminate them. But could he exterminate a living human for his King? And what happens when his victim becomes far too interesting to remove from his life?

Highest Ranking: #160 in Fantasy

"The talisman was a long, curved piece of gold, inlaid with
small diamonds along the edges. It was almost like a boomerang, except it was
smaller and had ornate carvings of old Pagan runes on it that could,
unfortunately, no longer be read by any man or woman still walking on Earth. 

Par quickly picked up everything that had fallen out of his
bag before he threw it on his back saying "grab on," and extended his hand
towards mine. I rolled my eyes at his dramatic speech and took his offered

*This wonderful cover was created by @holmesfapel - check out the stories there too!!!