falling for my bully

falling for my bully

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Life sucks. People say it gets better But for me it hasn't . My parents are gone I live with a foster parent but no one knows that. I get bullied. No one knows that either. I have no friends. My social life is literary lame AF. But its fine. Everything is just okay. 

I laid in bed watching cyber bully. It was one of my favorite movies. Other than Keith. Or the Hunger Game series, and Gossip Girl isn't a movie but its still my favorite. 

"Trinity! Foods ready!" My foster parents yelled to me. I paused the movie. 

"I'm coming!" I yelled to her. Not as a attitude. I got down to see her. Making my plate. She put it on the table. I had no siblings. Or a fatherly figure. So it was just us to. 

"Mmm. Its very good. Thank you." I told her. She smiled.

"You welcome trin." I Finnish up eating. I got both of pur plate and washed them putting them in the draining boards I kissed her on the cheek goodnight and went up to bed. 

I finished watching Cyber Bully I brushed my teeth then I went to ...

- - Jun 07, 2016
Wouldn't her foster mom see the injuries when she left for school the next morning?
wetsidestory wetsidestory Oct 25, 2015
"I played in bed while watching cyber bully"  that sounds so wrong omg