His Revenge, Her Wings #MissionDesi (Editing)

His Revenge, Her Wings #MissionDesi (Editing)

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Shona By Shona1993 Completed

The fine line between love and hate is usually very thin. What happens when two worlds and personalities collide? 

Meet Sahir Khan, a ruthless and arrogant businessman. He can go to any extent to crush his opponent. He can't stand anyone coming in his way. What he wants, he gets.

Meet Sia Malik, a beautiful, smart, humble but strong headed pharmacist.

Sahir and Sias worlds are poles apart but destiny make their paths collide. Will they be able to cope with each other or will their big egos get in their way? Will Sia be able to stand up against Sahirs rotted ideas? Will Sahir be able to let his guard down and actually make Sia see him?

Stay tuned for Sia and Sahirs saga!

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IamAruru04 IamAruru04 Jul 15, 2017
Don't worry, the groom will help you take it off anyways. *Cupid jabs me in the rib; I smack him* Hit me again and I'll shove that arrow right in your-----
IamAruru04 IamAruru04 Jul 15, 2017
*looks at her* Yes, but I think you're supposed to be this extra. I dunno, I haven't been to weddings before.
                              Cupid: I took you to hundreds of them!
                              Me: *looks up to remember* Funny, I don't remember *sips apple juice, looks at it* oh yeah, that's why.
IamAruru04 IamAruru04 Jul 15, 2017
Yeah I think you're the best person to be with than those peasants.
SomyaPuri8 SomyaPuri8 Mar 11
Okay you are really observing... The scene where she plays with her ring during the introduction... The photo has that ring too.. Is it just a co incidence or else..?
IamAruru04 IamAruru04 Jul 15, 2017
Wait, is this a walk to remember? Is she getting married because she'll die soon? *looks around* No?
IamAruru04 IamAruru04 Jul 15, 2017
*loops arm over Sia and hands her a glass of apple juice* Here, so when we party well be swinging from the chandelier, loving these not-so cheap thrills.