Warn Me

Warn Me

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T is fine By fudgemonkeylove Updated Jan 06, 2015

Thoughts of you consume me

Warm and fuzzy are the

butterflies fluttering about in my stomach

The idea of your soft breath breathing my name 

Makes my toes curl

Your gentle hands sweep across my cheeks

And I think I might have to check my vital signs

Because for that one moment 

That brush of your sweet sweet hands 

Makes my heart stop

So Warn Me

The next time your going to give me a mini heart-attack

Or before you steal my heart 

And when you smile and make me feel like im falling  apart

I must've stumbled

Why didn't I realize

That my eyes had more crying to do

Tears that were gunna be caused by you

Why didn't you Warn me

When you held my hand you could've told me that you were going to let go

When you wiped my tears, you should've said that you would make my eye's bleed 

But oh no you didnt Warn Me 

You watched me bleed 

Ripped my heart out and stomped on it then laughed when you looked at all the broken pieces

I should've seen it 

For fucks sake I begged you ...

  • grab
  • knife
  • laugh
  • pain
  • stab