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dark link x fox/neko reader

dark link x fox/neko reader

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Twilight Link By TwilightLinkFanatic Updated Dec 19, 2015

a dark black fox with her eyes glowing blood red ran through the forest carrying her young black fox as fast as it could with its scraped and beat up body. running close behind the fox was three men with guns wearing camouflage and yelling at each other

man 1- we have beat the fox bad it wont get much farther haha

man 2- I hope the boss will be happy with this one

man 3- who cares if hes happy im in it for the money 

when the third man said that the fox collapsed throwing its baby as far as far as she could into a little water puddle so the men couldnt find it.

man 1- weres that little rat baby it was holding 

man 2- no time to find it we will come back later just tie the mother up and lets GO

the three men tied up the mother fox and turned around seeing there boss....he has black hair and doesn't wear a lab coat like normal scientists he wears a tux.....he was standing there with his arms crossed and tapping his foot with is eyes closed.

scientist- I Told you three...

The-insane-artist123 The-insane-artist123 Feb 28, 2016
Who's that sexy dude in the pic? WHAT AM I SAYING?!?!?!? *slaps my self in the facE* no more yaoi for me
geekgirl626 geekgirl626 Apr 13, 2016
Rnt Grey rupees sorta less than dirt? When u collect them ur money goes down.......BAKA!!!! Dark sometimes I don't even know
Kitchiikat Kitchiikat Dec 06, 2016
baby dark pit?! 
                              now i have to stick the 4th wall back together and the alternative dimension 
MakatylanCrowe MakatylanCrowe Apr 30, 2016
(That's what you get for selling candy on the street no you oh me rupees bro)
HappyGirlPaula129 HappyGirlPaula129 May 08, 2016
Watashi wa kitsunedesu!
                              (I AM A FOX!) XS
                              Watashi wa miruku no nochi ni yotte shite mo yoidesu
                              (I may be drunk after drinking the moo moo milk....)
                              I watch too much anime....
crazykitten_lol crazykitten_lol Sep 29, 2016
I am his human pillow apparently -3- oh well aslong as i can hug my father?? Idk